Mac 13 inch laptop covers

Apart from that. Hardshell covers front and back quality is good. Excellent case and even the keyboard cover was of good quality. The packaging was very bulky. All the plastic bags for extra protection were not needed moreover when plastic is banned.

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But overall worth a buy. So after going through many covers for apple macbook 13", it was very confusing which cover will fit perfectly on new macbook pro. Everywhere there were mixed reviews of covers. But this one perfectly fits on macbook pro 13" inch model. Really liked this product. I bought 2 more just like this, one in grey.

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I have been looking for a sleeve or a bag which is velvet soft like this one on the inside. Glad to have got a two in one solution both a bag and a sleeve that fits my requirements. Just to clarify I bought 2 more for some one else, I still use the one I got initially, no problems so far. I love the design being very simple in terms of colouring and the overall aesthetics. It also adds a rugged look to the laptop which is a very cool thing.

MacBook Pro 13-inch Case

I would recommend any MacBook Pro user to pick this up if you're keen on protecting your machine from minor dents, scratches or any sort of damage from very basic things during daily use. Colour is amazing with metallic blaze and Simply awesome product. Colour is amazing with metallic blaze and quality is up to the mark.

Strongly recommended for MacBook. The package delivered includes protective hardcover for front and back, silicon keyboard guard, trackpad palm guard, plugin protectors for all the input ports. Pros The look and feel of the protecting covers are great.

wardsingrarofi.cf: Sleeves & Slipcases: Electronics

The cutout provided for the logo fits in perfectly. The keyboard guard fits well and increases the height of the keys so that you will get a better tactile feedback while typing. Cons The keyboard guard makes it difficult for the backlight to display. You will be able to see only a feeble backlight that too when it is turned on at full intensity.

Some of the plugin protectors for the input ports are not fitting in properly especially the one for the sd card slot. Color is beautiful and material too. Although, price is pretty high but its okay I think it should be around Otherwise, it is a fine product.

bot.devops.indosystem.com/demografa-nos-controlamos-o-naufragamos.php This is the the only case I could find with sleek lines, enough protection AND a pocket for the cord. Once I got mine I got them for the rest of the family, too. Could not be happier with the quality of my case. I loved this product when I first got it. It served its purpose well.

But, one day it became extremely difficult and strenuous to open.

The zipper still works, but it used to be so easy. And now its not.

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So far the case has worked well. Product is perfect, I use it everyday since I last got it more than two years ago. I can use it a lone when I'm going some where near and I only need to carry my MacBook. Ayman Elsadat. I use this for my Mac Air. When I am traveling, I place the bag inside my ballistic nylon briefcase. In case I drop my briefcase, it shields and cushion the mac air from any damage.

I also like to place my mac air, power plug and projector plug inside the zipper pocket, then if I wish to, take this as a separate "mini briefcase" to meetings or to a coffee place. If you need something to protect your Mac Air, transportation on business trips, or for those meetings and trips to get coffee, I highly recommend it. Oh yes, and it washes very well in case of spills. It is much thicker that a lot of sleeves and has a handy extra zip pocket.

I expect it to hold up as well as my cellphone case from Case Logic that I've been using for over a year with no problems at all.