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BusyCal 3 has a great setup feature: It automatically syncs up with the accounts you have stored in the Mail app on Mac. Any calendars you use with those email accounts will be updated in the BusyCal calendar. So, if you use Yahoo, iCloud, and Gmail, you'll be able to connect them all just by entering the account password when you open the app for the first time.

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My favorite feature of BusyCal is the Smart Filter, which makes it possible for you to create rules for what events are shown. For example, you could set a filter that will only show you birthdays or only events that repeat. You can create multiple filters and then switch between them. It is ideal for keeping your calendar events organized.

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Bottom line : If you have a lot of different types of events, or multiple calendars, BusyCal 3 will help you filter out what you don't need to look at right now so you can stay focused on what is important. One more thing : There is a mini calendar that sits in your Menu bar so you can see a quick glance of the month ahead and current day's events without having to open the full app. Calendar 2 is a Menu bar widget. It stores all of your calendar information on the Menu bar so you can quickly access it.

All you have to do is connect your Mac's built-in calendar and you're ready to go. Then, when you want to check your schedule, just click on the icon.

You'll see a monthly view with dots next to dates that have events, plus a sidebar with a list of events taking place. If you want to see more details of an event, click on it to open your Mac Calendar app. Bottom line : If you are happy with the built-in Calendar app on your Mac, but just want a different way to see what's on your schedule, check out Calendar 2. One more thing : There is a premium upgrade that includes a lot more features, like the ability to connect your Google calendar and get cool looking backgrounds.

Informant for the desktop is more than just a calendar app.

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It's a task manager and note taker, all rolled into a clear and concise calendar. You can organize your calendar to see your to-do list on the same screen as your schedule and tasks are combined with daily events. You can keep your to-do list right on top of the screen with upcoming and completed tasks clearly identifiable.

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Filters allow you to hide events from specific calendars. You can have multiple filters saved in your favorites and switch between them at any time. It makes it easy to keep your work and home life separate. Bottom line : If having your to-do list and calendar grouped together are important and your daily schedule is the top priority, Informant for macOS is for you.

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One more thing : It features a tabbed interface so you can work in multiple task windows without making a mess on your screen. Download now. When it comes to desktop support, Fantastical 2 wins the day. It's a straightforward app with a beautiful interface and plenty of customizable features. The mini calendar, which sits in your Menu bar, is perfect for checking upcoming events at a glance and you can add appointments without having to open the full app. The natural language event creation makes it easy for you to simply jot down what you need to do and when.

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  • Fantastical takes care of the rest for you. If you just lost Sunrise and are looking for a replacement, try Fantastical 2 for Mac. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links.

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    • Learn more. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station? I'll update you again after a few weeks of use. But it looks like a winner! I use it to keep track of things I need to do during my day to day task and at university.

      I also use the sister app on my mac which syncs directly with the iOS app. Definitely recommend it!


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      When outside of your home or office, check on your tasks and events on mobile, tablets, smart watches and even virtual assistants. Aimed at pushing your productivity to the max, all devices are in real-time sync so you can meet your goals. The essential to-do list app for Mac lovers. Recommended by Apple, Any. Download now. Simpler way of managing projects Stop overspending over complex project management tools. Designed for Mac, works everywhere When outside of your home or office, check on your tasks and events on mobile, tablets, smart watches and even virtual assistants.

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